The image collector's web spider and search agent for Mac OS X

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This app is no longer supported by the developer.


  • This release adds the ability to set a "start page" that is different from the Pandora help page that has traditionally shown when Pandora is launched.

Pandora (formerly known as Netscrape) combines the power of a web spider with an easy-to-use image browser. It generates resizable thumbnails on the fly, and allows you to preview, examine, save, and print images.

Give it a URL, and it will "scrape" all of the images from the site; feed it some keywords, and it will Google you some relevant images in no time flat.

You can configure NetScrape to ignore images under a certain size or of the wrong type, to stay on a particular site or wander the web, and even specify how quickly Pandora should do its work.



Pandora 2.7.1

User reviews about Pandora

  • cartermr

    by cartermr

    "Broken for Google searches, and development has ceased."

    Development has ceased. Recently google searches stopped working. So did the flicker search. More.

    reviewed on November 30, 2013